Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hoggin' The Brush Hog

Today my husband decided to do a little more brushhogging.  Or rather, a lot of brushhogging.

We discussed the next area we wanted done and he went at it.  It was a very dusty job.

We both have slightly different ideas about how much area we want done.  He wants less mowed area (more "natural" look) and I want more mowed area (groomed look).  So for now we have a compromise.  The mowed area for now is around the house and today he did the area directly west.  

He was on the tractor for several hours.  Like I said, it was rather dusty!

But in the end I was extremely pleased with the results.  It's hard to see here but as always click on the pictures to enlarge.  This was the first area we did, directly in front of the house, and beyond, through the trees is the new area.

Looking north east towards the house.  Next the trees in this newly mowed area will be limbed up or removed all together.

Looking north down the hill on the east side of my "loop".

This is from between the house and the shop looking east.  The arena is on the far left (you can't see it from here).

And speaking of the arena...  We burned all but one pile (there were four big piles).  They are still smoldering ever so slightly.  The first pile is all cooled and flattened out (by Hubby on the left).

I was excited to find a couple of blossoms on one of the tomatoes.  I'm very jealous of friends in Bakersfield who are already eating their first crop!

I am a little nervous about some of my fruit trees, especially the cherries.  I don't know if the cold snap(s) hurt them, the sage rats and/or gophers are eating their roots, or I'm over or under watering.  But they seem to be dying one branch at a time.  AAAARRRGH!  

Well at least the aspens are doing great.

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Anonymous said...

For the cherries, I'd guess more water is needed, rather than less. A long slow soak is better than a quick fill up of the watering basin.