Friday, May 11, 2012

Looking For Treasures

On Tuesday we decided to investigate the Maury Mountains Agate Beds.  My sister is interested in that kind of thing.  We were hoping that maybe we could find some kind of agate treasures.

I think that place may have been "mined out".  There were little craters everywhere where other people had been digging.

My sister didn't give up easily though.

She kept on digging and breaking rocks while Hubby and I lost interest.

At least the scenery was pretty.

So while my sister made big rocks into little rocks looking for her treasures, I found a few of a different kind.

Of course while looking at the ground I was bound to see the not-so-pretty things on the ground.

We didn't find any stone treasures that day.  But we had a wonderful drive into the country and a great picnic at one of the BLM campgrounds.  

That was a treasure to me.

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Anonymous said...

You kindly omitted that although I like to look for rock treasures, I have little or no knowledge of what to actually look for. But I did pick up a pretty big rock to bring back with me to remember the trip by. (and you might have noticed your rock pile smaller by one big rock, too.)
love you!