Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back To Work

You probably heard all about the eclipse on Sunday.  I didn't really do enough research soon enough to be able to try and get a picture. Besides, it was my understanding that in order to get a really good photo you probably needed really expensive equipment.  I took a risk in pointing my camera at the eclipse (because like human eyes, camera "eyes" can be ruined by looking directly at the sun too) but as far as I can tell it didn't hurt my camera at all.

This is the best shot I could get.

So then I played with the shot a little.  If you squint your eyes and look sideways you might imagine you can see a "ring of fire".

So for the last few days we haven't been doing a whole lot.  Just a little brush clearing outside.  Today Hubby went to get another load of wood (that's a total of three cords now!).  I decided it was time to start working on the inside again.    

This is the corner I decided to work on.  Here I have removed a couple of nails, spackled the holes and started with the primer trim (upper right).  Then I remembered to take a "before" photo and had to climb down the ladder, a rather precarious endeavor.

First coat of primer.

Second coat of primer.

Edges trimmed with the new color.

The finished corner.  I think it looks much better.  (Remember you can click on the pictures to see them enlarged for better detail.)

And now another reason for the title of today's post.  After taking a long, hard, and realistic look at our income situation I decided I'd better try and find a job.  The thing is, if we didn't do health insurance we'd be fine.  But do we really want to risk that?  Our COBRA insurance ran out at the beginning of this month and we have been looking for other insurance.  We've already been turned down by one company and are waiting to hear from another that we've applied to.  The problem is my husband's cancer scare from last year and my type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  We could apply to all the insurances available in this area and be turned down but we would be guaranteed coverage by the State of Oregon.  The problem with that is, that it costs even more than the COBRA coverage.  And  I'm sure we can't afford that.  

Since my chances of winning the big lottery prize is next to nothing I decided I might as well go back to work.  I applied as a cashier at the Fred Meyer grocery store and at the Home Depot.  I haven't heard back from Fred Meyer but I had a phone screening yesterday and am scheduled for an interview at the Home Depot in Bend tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Hopefully I'll have good news soon.


Kathy said...

Keeping our fingers crossed for you!!
I'm sorry that the state of our economy makes you make that choice tho.

Anonymous said...

Fingers are crossed!!!! I am hoping for Home Depot! You could work any of the departments and be soooo helpful, plus you might get a discount on home fixing up stuff!!
Yep Insurance is a pain, I got turned down until I didn't put my actual weight in, and didn't list my pills! THEN I was accepted. I had to switch to Kaiser last year because my cost was going to TRIPLE!! "They" have you by the who-has when it comes to insurance! I have all fingers crossed for you!!
Patti ***Hugs to Hubby today!****