Friday, June 29, 2007

Garden News

The garden on May 2, 2007...
and the garden on June 26, 2007.
All is still quiet on the animal front. I'm keeping Ewenice apart from the other sheep so I can give her some grain with each feeding. By keeping her in her own pen I can be certain that she, and not any of the other sheep, is getting the grain. I'm happy to report that she does seem to be slowly picking up some weight.

She did get a new mark on her so I guess that first breeding didn't take, possibly because she wasn't feeling well. Also this week her daughter, Francine, looks like she was bred too. Happy news for me.

The garden is starting to go gangbusters now. I'm kind of glad we didn't plant a lot this year. As it is I'll have to give some tomatoes and squash to my sister, who can bring what she doesn't use to her work. The veggies will certainly get snatched up there, I'm sure.

Our first squash. It's a patty pan variety called "Spaceship Hybrid".
I may try to can some tomatoes this year, something I've always been afraid of. But the bee guy's wife told me she cans tomatoes all the time using a water bath and they are very easy. Before I bought my pressure canner I tried canning some beans using a water bath. After a few days they started looking suspicious. I was advised by a canning expert via e-mail to discard everything, including the jars. Better safe than sorry. I guess beans are supposed to be canned with the pressure canner which is why I then bought it. Of course I have yet to use it. That was two years ago.

The little flower plot in the back is doing well too. A little sun and some water makes everything better!

Here's the back flower plot on May 2 this year when I planted the mini roses.

Here's the same little box just a couple of days ago, on June 26.

This is a Hollyhock "Zebrina". I got the seeds from Burpee's about five years ago and I've been getting these volunteers ever since.
Close up of the "Zebrina" with a busy bee.One of the mini roses I got for fifty cents...and a closeup. I love my camera!

I'll save the squash recipe for later.

Have a great weekend!

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