Monday, June 25, 2007

Pond Work

I believe the end of the pond work is near. After about a year of work the ponds will hopefully very soon be filled again.

It all started when they drained the ponds in order to begin the work. Fortunately it wasn't during the time when the ducks, egrets, kildeer, and other birds were having their babies. They've done that before and we've raised a few abandoned ducklings because of it.

The one bad thing was all the fish that were in the ponds died. It didn't smell too good for a while. It's surprising the amount of carp that were in there. I don't know much about fish but some of them even looked like they may have been freed koi. They did have some pretty colors. Until they died, at least.

After the ponds all dried up they dug big trenches and laid huge pvc pipes. Wells were drilled at the one corner of each pond. Well heads and pumps were connected to the pipes. Then poles were put in to run electricity to the pumps at the wells. Huge sheets of landscape fabric were laid out around the pumps and big chunks of rock were arranged over the top.

This is pretty much where we are at today.

This is good news for us. That means they will most likely keep water in the ponds year-round, something they didn't always do. But with water becoming a valuable commodity, it makes sense that they will want it available at all times to pump out and sell on down the line.

From what I can tell all that remains is for the electrical lines to be run on the poles. Then they can fill the ponds and we'll have our lake front property again!

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