Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My Italian Golden Honey Fig Tree.

I remember eating fresh figs when we lived in Oklahoma and they were so good. I decided I wanted a fig tree so I could have my own home grown fresh figs right off the tree. I could never find one at the local nurseries so I turned to the mail order catalogs. For some unknown reason the fig trees I found in the catalogs could not be shipped to California. I was very disappointed.

But I waited.

Every year I would go through the many seed and garden catalogs, drooling over the beautiful flowers and veggies and fruits, just as I know a lot of other people do. Usually I would start making a list of all the things I wanted to order. Sometimes the lists were several pages long.

Then I would start adding the cost and when I reached the $200 mark I'd have to start revising my list. I'd edit until I came closer to the $100 mark, but that didn't leave me with much. Usually what happened was I ended up getting most of my plants from the local stores. And still I searched for my fig tree.

Finally I got a catalog that had an Italian Golden Honey Fig and it looked like they could ship to California! I'm pretty sure it was from Raintree Nursery, although now I can't swear to it.

I put my order in, and just a few weeks later my stick arrived at my door. Yes, it was just a stick at the time, but they did have a money back guarantee. I pretty much knew where I wanted it already and set out to plant it.

I tried to do everything right. I dug the hole twice the size of the root area (which wasn't much any how), put some good mulch/compost in and carefully spread the roots over top. Then put the dirt back into the hole, covering the roots and VOILA! The fig tree was planted.

That was just about four short years ago. Now the stick is about 12 feet tall and produces figs like there's no tomorrow. They are, as promised, a yellowish green color, and very sweet (like honey!). They are very delicious.

The only problem is that the birds like them too. And the dogs like them too. Most of the time the birds and the dogs get them before I do! Fortunately it produces fruit practically all summer long, so there are plenty of opportunities to harvest.

I can always tell when the dogs have been eating the figs because on my daily poop pick ups the poop will be full of tiny fig seeds! Lovely. I could post a picture, but I won't go there. (You're welcome!)

I have never really been a fan of the Nabisco Fig Newtons. But I thought I should find a recipe to make something with my figs so they wouldn't totally go to waste. I found several recipes on the internet for "fig newtons" and this one seemed the least complicated. The only thing I would do differently is refrigerate the dough for at least an hour before rolling it out.

These fig newtons turned out really good. I like them much better than the store bought kind. Okay, I know the picture isn't all that pretty. I never said I was a great baker, I just enjoy trying! Plus it's fun to eat the results. And everybody knows fig newtons are healthy, right?

Don't let the picture fool you--these are really tasty!

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