Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

Picture this, if you dare: Slightly dumpy, okay, very dumpy 48 year old wearing 8 inch pig tails. Yes, I said pig tails. With 1/4 inch gray roots showing. Now picture the same wearing baggy men's knee length basketball shorts and a logo-ed t-shirt that's so old it's very thin and some of the seams are ripping out.

That was me last Sunday, while I worked in the garden doing some weeding and the mulching thing. I did not have a hat on, so now I have a line from the middle of my hairline in the front to the nape of my neck that is sunburned. And now it's itchy.

Yesterday I went to the dentist to work on the tooth that needs a crown. He took out the stitch from the crown lengthening and removed the "bubblegum" bandage. I have to wait until everything completely heals (the end of August) before I go back for further work.

So now my head is itchy, and my tooth is sore from the big hole in it. When you look at it closely it's really gross. I've never had "rotten" teeth and now it looks just like some old derelict's tooth!

This morning on the Today show there was a segment about how to prevent someone from stealing your nanny away from you. Give me a break! Really. How many people have nannies? I almost spit up my coffee when that one came on.

And now, since I haven't shown the dogs for a while, here's some pics.

Gus and Clyde. Just playing!

Chester getting excited about all the hullaballoo. He's all proud of himself that he took the toy when the other two were going at it. Look at the gray.

I just love Clyde's hound doggy face!

And what family with dogs doesn't have a picture like this?

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