Tuesday, June 5, 2007

He's Baaaack!

Clyde came home from the vet today. As you can see in the picture above he is back to normal. When he got home he must have run around the yard, in and out of the house, back and forth, running and jumping and tumbling with Chester and Gus, for at least 20 minutes.

Fortunately he did not have to have surgery, unlike my sister-in-law from OR's dog. Apparently her dog was hungry for a rock. Saturday she suspected he had a blockage and had to take him to the emergency clinic. $1900 and a shaved belly later he's home.

Was it a full moon this weekend? I guess we were lucky to get away with $650 worth of service.

Meanwhile my husband has plucked all the pods he could reach off the wisteria. We will be keeping a close eye on that from now on. No more playing tug with the wisteria!!!

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MT said...

I'm so glad Clyde is better! Thank heavens.