Friday, June 22, 2007

End of the Week Recap/Update

Sunday was Father's Day. We all enjoyed ourselves with a delicious faux wienerschnitzel dinner. Today most of my husbands' F.D. balloons are wilted, but the big one is still going strong. It's even carrying the lei that came with his new Hawaiian style shirt, a lovely shade of pale blue and made of washable silk!

Sunday the balloons were flying high.

The same balloons five days later.

Carli sheared Jamie. I changed the color on Perry's marker from green to red.

On Monday it was clear that Perry was doing his best to become a dad again.

I'd say this is a "good" mark!
Tuesday was Juneteenth. My apologies for not acknowledging this day earlier. I think I was all wrapped up with the dilemma of the bees. Plus I had my teeth worked on in the morning, and in the afternoon I treated myself to a pedicure along with my regular manicure. (Even a micro farmer likes to have pretty nails!)

Wednesday was my birthday. Thanks to all for your well wishes, cards, flowers, etc! You do love me, you really do love me!!!

Thursday was the first day of summer and more bee news. They were supposed to be picked up in the evening but the queen bee had not dropped from the sheep stand to the new bee box. At least half the bees were still in the corner of the stand, which meant the queen was still up there. We decided to leave them one more night and try to scoop them out, hopefully capturing the queen in the midst. Last night around 10:30 my husband and I went out to attempt the transfer. He had the dog food scoop in one hand and a flat trowel in the other. I held the flashlight. Amazingly, he only got stung once on his neck. But I think we got her!

Friday, that is, today, it looks like the queen bee was indeed successfully transferred! The sheep stand is empty and the bees are busy buzzing around their new box! My son is happy that today is the last day of the first semester of summer school. So he has the whole weekend to whoop it up until Monday, when the second semester of summer school starts.

This morning the sheep stand had no bees left, just remnants of the combs.The new bee box next to the empty sheep stand (see above photo).
Tonight we get to go out to dinner to help our friend, Marylee Shrider, celebrate her 50th birthday! Marylee is a twice a week columnist for our local rag, er newspaper.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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