Friday, June 15, 2007

Ups and Downs

I think I know now what it must feel like to be bipolar. It's not pleasant.

All these emotions happened within the last week:

Down about the danger my niece and her twins were in, up when everything worked out fine.

Down about Poppy getting sick and dying, up about my check coming in from the auction yard.

Down because Ewenice started acting like she was sick, so the vet came out and checked her and 3of4 (because she is Poppy's twin and she was was looking a bit droopy also), up when he called later with the results of their blood and fecal tests.

Down because son Wil is not doing so hot in school (waaaay behind on credits), up because it's Friday, the weekend is coming, and Carli and Marcus are here to share dinner with us.

Carli just couldn't help herself, she just had to make a couple of flower arrangements.
I know I'll be a depressed about the vet bill, but happy when I think about my husband's support.

Weeks like this past week I can certainly do without.

What keeps me going is the love and support of my dear, dear husband. I also know that all things considered, things could really be much worse. It's a matter of perspective.

The flock finishing up dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Carli is certainly talented and creative.

You ARE blessed indeed! How apt your description of life -- as seemingly "bipolar." Without the sorrow of the downs, we wouldn't be able to appreciate the joys of the ups. C'est la vie. (Such is life) From my perspective and vantage point, your life is full of wonderfulness!! Your writing exemplifies your appreciation of this, too. Thank you for your blogs -- for they allow us an honest glimpse into your life. Moreover, they allow us to sorrow with you in the downs and rejoice with you in the ups.

Thank you, and may God continue to Bless you and Bill and the kids and all that is yours!!!!