Monday, October 19, 2009

On Display

Here we go again. Clyde is so intrigued with one of the new displays in the entertainment center cabinet.
He sat there staring at it for the longest time. In fact, from the moment it jumped up there.
It was Ollie, the silly fluff ball cat.


Anonymous said...

Sigh...if only we could read animal's minds. Do you think he wishes he were a cat?

Love, LC

Anonymous said...

How on earth did she get there? Wil?

tina f. said...

She jumped from the arm of the love seat. Quite amazing actually! And I have no idea what goes through Clyde's head. Most likely a bunch of air. LOL!

~M~ said...

So funny, I got a kick out of this post! What a cute dog and cat you have!