Monday, October 26, 2009

Pruning A La Bovine

This weekend I took down the fence surrounding my fruit trees so I could mow that area. It'll probably be the last time we mow this year.

After I mowed the fruit tree area I cleaned up the back yard and mowed that area. Then I topped all the animal water tanks and eventually let the cows out. I got distracted along the way and ended up in the house.

About an hour later my husband asked if I had put the fence back up around the trees. No, I had forgotten! When I ran out to put the fence up I noted with some relief there was only one mishap with the trees.

Pruning a la bovine: not recommended!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully 'it' will survive, what kind is it?
I mowed on Sunday and was thinking the same thing, maybe my last for awhile, but then we are still hitting high 70's, so I am thinking I might have a couple more left!
Is all well and happy your way?
Baby in 3rd grade yet?

tina f. said...

I think that is the three in one (2 peaches and a nectarine??)?
Weather is starting to change bit, supposed to get windy this evening.
Otherwise all is apparently well.