Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Big Mess

I've been feeling really anxious about getting the house cleaned up before July. That is my self imposed deadline to get everything done so we can put the house on the market. I've been going slowly but with June half way gone and July almost here I realize I can't dilly dally any longer.

This week I started painting the living room and dining area.
Of course in order to get to the walls the furniture has to be moved towards the middle of the room. This makes the house a mess and difficult to move around in. And it makes me crazy! I dislike disorder!
I find it absolutely amazing how dirty everything is when you really start looking at things you tend to ignore in your everyday life. Yuck.

I talked to a realtor who is going to come over on Monday so we can talk about our plan. And maybe she can give me some pointers as how to best present the house. I'm open to just about anything; it's my husband who doesn't quite understand the concept that people in general don't want to see how WE are living in this house--they want to envision THEIR stuff in this house.

I've also been thinking about selling Ladysmith and her calf, and possibly keeping Waneata, to make the eventual move a little easier. (I'm really trying to be positive!) Ladysmith is getting older after all and if we had the property I wanted now #1: we probably wouldn't be moving and #2: I would be able to just retire her to a field. I feel kind of bad about thinking of selling her but I'm trying to be practical.

Tomorrow the dishwasher repairman is coming in another attempt to fix it. He came out last week but the part he brought did nothing. I hope this time it works. The kitchen is a constant mess because of dishes drying on the counters, dirty dishes in the sink, and the painting brushes and rollers and other paraphernalia either in the sink or on the counters. It's all adding to my stress!

Yesterday I had my second adjustment for the lapband, something I should have done at least a month ago! I've been stuck at 180 for about six weeks. I need to be a loser again!

So that's it for this week's goings on.


Anonymous said...

Here's to being a big loser!! I hope that all your stress and pushing yourself so hard that you are making sure you stay healthy!! I think maybe thats why I don't have 20-20 eyes, that way if I can't see the 'yuck' I don't have to clean it or paint it or put it away!!
Take care of you!!!!

~M~ said...

Keep up the good work. It will payoff in the end. Hope you're becoming a loser....and a big/successful one a that!

Anonymous said...