Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Harmony Headlands State Park

Late Wednesday afternoon after we walked the San Simeon Creek Trail we were relaxing at my friend Vicki's cottage. There was a knock on the door and I looked out the window. It was my husband!

He had come to spend the night and had taken the following day off. What a fun surprise!

Vicki's friend Sue, who had come with us on the first walk, had to go back home early Thursday. We remaining people decided to try a new trail, as in new to Vicki; a trail she had not been on yet. It was called Harmony Headlands State Park, just a few miles from Cambria.

To access the trail we had to cross an ancient stone bridge. Underneath were a whole mess of little turtles (click on the pictures to enlarge) and a bunch of swallows that were flitting too fast to photograph.

The scenery on this trail was quite different from the previous days' trail. It was mostly pasture type land with just a few trees and bushes here and there.
The main trail was actually a nice hard-packed dirt road.

Off in the distance at the bottom of the "v" you can see the ocean. That was were we were headed.
The trail goes by those trees on the right.

And just like the previous day a deer suddenly sprang up before us and bounded up the hillside. (Look at the top center of the hill.)
And suddenly we were at the ocean.

We figured from the map that the trail is about three miles long. The trails are all beautiful and very lovely walks.

The worst thing about each walk was that we later found a few of these on us! Icky ticks! But that's mainly because this has been a wet and mild winter. I'm sure glad we don't have to worry about these all the time!


Anonymous said...

You need to get a little printer and some postcard size paper and larger for framing and start selling these pictures!! Even the tick was a great shot! Loved the single bird flying, it reminded me of the shot out the window on Jurasic Park!
Thanks for the mileage, I always wonder how far you are walking, looked so peaceful there, and what a fun surprise is right!!

~M~ said...

Eewe...I hate ticks! Hannah had one in her hair last summer (didn't get to her scalp fortunately) and I had one on my head once too (can't remember if it was in or not). They really make my skin crawl. Yuck....now I'm itchy...lol. This year is supposed to be a bad year for them up here, but luckily we haven't had a problem yet. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. You do take such wonderful pictures illustrating your wonderful adventures! :o)

Amanda Atkinson said...

Great photos of Harmony Headlands! Come back and see us soon. We added some nice benches and occasionally have guided walks and star-gazing events. Learn more at http://harmonyheadlands.blogspot.com/