Monday, June 14, 2010

Glennville-Posey-Balance Rock-Poso Park

This weekend my daughter was at a business conference in San Diego and my husband and I had charge of the baby. By Sunday he was feeling a little stir crazy so I suggested we head up to see some Big Trees and maybe collect some pine cones. We packed some essentials (snacks, wine, diapers, wipes) and the baby, of course, and headed towards Glennville.
I was surprised at the amount of wildflowers that were still out (click on the picture and you can see all the purple in the hills in the background).
They were still all along the road. Very pretty!
As we got into Glennville we realized it was the Glennille Rodeo weekend. We weren't really there to see that so we continued on our way.

We passed through Posey and kept on going.

We passed through Balance Rock (where we saw the sign from yesterday's post--is that "be careful of drinking pedestrians"?). Then we saw a sign for Poso Park and thought that might be a good place to stop for our snacks.

Once we got there, however, we discovered that "Poso Park" was not a public park, but a private residential community, open to residents only, and at the end of the road. So we turned around and parked at the side of the road about 50 yards from the gate.

Poso Creek at the Poso Park entrance

One thing we noticed were the swarms of ladybugs flying around. The camera didn't pick them up in the air but a few landed on us. There must have been a "nest" somewhere nearby.
There really were a lot more than these two!
We walked down the creek and found a little spot to have our snack and a little photo op.
Interesting textures and pretty scenery...

There were three different kinds of trees in the area: pine, cedar, and alders.
Some peculiar flowers or fungi?
We took another route on the way home (hwy 155). There were lots of blooming buckeyes.
A whole valley of them!
I don't blame her. I slept a little on the way back too!

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Anonymous said...

That is one photogenic girl, the pictures of her are
just beautiful!!! What fun places you go to, just to take a little snack and drink and get away from the house!
How is the painting coming along? I hope you get done early in the morning in the cooler times!