Friday, June 11, 2010

Two More Mosaics

I recently finished two more mosaics. One is a stepping stone, and the other is another cross to hang on a wall.

For the stepping stone I decided to do a lizard with an extra long tail. I wanted to do him in an unusual color so that he would really stand out from the background. Originally his stripes were more diamond shaped but that was proving too hard to do on the smaller work space. To do what I envisioned in my head I would have had to make it at least three times as big to get the detail right. So I ended up ripping those tiles out and starting over with regular bands. The background is multiple shades of blue and I like how it really sets off the lizard.
I received a compliment on my crosses not long ago. To me that was a perfect excuse to make one for the lady (but she doesn't know it yet). Once again I took three pictures in different light.

This first picture is without a flash and just lit by a lamp in the garage. The colors are a bit washed out but I do like how the glass border tiles are sort of glowing.
This is basically the same shot only with the flash on. The colors are more like in real life here, except the gold edging isn't really shining much.
This final photograph was taken outside. It's almost too shiny now!
The middle piece is a large glass piece that came in a bag with a bunch of half marbles. I think it adds a little extra interest because it actually sticks out from the back by about a half inch.

I did have one problem with this board. I like to grout the sides if it isn't in a frame. On this board the grout didn't want to stick for some reason. I redid the portion that fell off but it still crumbled off a bit. Oh well! It's hardly noticeable. I may fiddle around with a simple frame before I give it away, but more likely than not I'll leave it as is.

I hope Roberta likes this one. ☺


Anonymous said...

T, I'm surprised at how the light changes the color of the tile so much on your cross one. It's beautiful. The glass piece in the center is so significant to me. Really, it's stunning.

Love the lizard, too. Beautiful choice of colors.

You have a gift!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Roberta will love it!

~M~ said...

Ugh...I typed a long comment and it got lost....i hate when that happens. Anyway.....I just love the lizard one! How big is it? The blue is quite abstract and the orange is stunning!!! Keep up the wonderful work....