Thursday, June 10, 2010

When My 19 Year Old Son Cleans His Room

If you have ever heard the jokes or seen the cartoons about teenaged boys and their impassable rooms then let me assure you they are absolutely the truth! I rarely ventured into my son's room because I literally could not see the floor. And besides that it didn't smell very good in there. That's another phenomenom that I learned about when we picked my son up from a summer boarding school many years ago.

For some reason he decided to do a deep cleaning of his room recently. It may have something to do with the fact that he has a girlfriend now. I don't know...

But in any case this is just some of what he brought out.

I knew I was starting to miss some of my cups, dishes, and silverware. They were in his room. Here they are soaking to help remove the crud. (Oh yeah, my dishwasher is broken until Saturday, when the repairman will be fixing it after two weeks of waiting for the part!)
And here is the laundry pile that came out of his room.
Just one of the reasons I will not be having "empty nest syndrome", if that ever happens.


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! It's not only the boys who do this. I've seen just as bad in the girl's rooms. If they clean it it's nice...5 min later it's as if a bomb went off in it.


Anonymous said...

See I thought it was just here, my boy would at least clean once a week! The girl was my problem, but I never had a real need to do a deep cleaning!!!
Hopefully the boy is doing all that laundry!