Friday, November 18, 2011

First Snow

We woke up this morning to 27º and two inches of snow on the ground!
The dogs exploring. I think they liked it.
As for the bull (on the left) and the horses (on the right) I'm not too sure they are liking the cold white stuff.
The house from the side/front (it's kind of an odd configuration). I think I'll just call it the garage side.
And this view we'll call the deck side.
And looking down the driveway towards the street.
As beautiful as it is it brings some problems we are not really prepared for. This is the first time we've ever owned a home on it's own well. There is a faucet at the animal pens but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. (There are no such problems with the house itself!) We will need to learn how to properly take care of the well.

We were told the former owner had something to do with reining horses so the pens are actually set up for horses. There is a hot wire running along the top of the fence line but it isn't connected to any power source at this time. The fence is a three wire fence (straight wire, not barbed).

Dakota, the bull, quickly figured out how to crawl under the fence so he could "help" the horses finish their meals. So now until we get the e-fence figured out we've had to contain him in an area surrounded by about four cattle panels tied together.

With the freezing weather I have to break the ice on top of their waters. We have to hook the hose up to an outlet inside the garage that gives off hot water to melt the ice in the hose. I think until we get the electrical part figured out I might run a long extension cord to the shop and put a water heater in the waterers. We have a call in to a fence specialist and I hope he'll be calling us soon.

Meanwhile we are making progress on the boxes, little by little. It's a good thing we don't have to worry about any deadlines to get stuff put away!

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Anonymous said...

have you had your stupid question for the day??
Since the animals were use to 90's and hot hot, how will they do outside in the snow all winter?? Will you be building them a little shelter that they can get in out of the weather? Any animals that will bother the pups out there in the wild!!???
The pictures are so beautiful and peaceful to look at!!