Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lots Of Locks

Our chore for today was to replace all the locks.

The bank had removed all the original locks and replaced them with cheap locks, but fortunately left the originals in a drawer. One of the requirements on our contract was to have the locks replaced when we moved in. Obviously that's a good idea anyway. Who knows how many old keys are out there?

Yesterday we brought all the good locks to a locksmith to be rekeyed.

These are all the locks we removed.
After a few false starts and a threat to call the locksmith out to finish the installation we finally managed to get all the doors done.

Here's the newly installed lock on the outside of the front door.
And here it is on the inside.
We saved a lot of money by doing it this way. The locksmith told us he charges $55 just to come out to the house. And then buy repurposing the original locks we probably saved several hundred dollars. The locksmith told us these were very expensive door sets. **I just looked them up and while they weren't as costly as he estimated we did save over $1,000 by not buying brand new of this same brand.

I love saving money.

That means I can spend it on something else!

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