Monday, November 28, 2011

Joining The Smart World

Today I joined the Smart World.
I always balked at the idea of getting a $400 smart phone on top of the extra cost per month to be able to operate it.

But now that the latest and greatest I-phone is out I was able to pick this cutie up for $.99. Yes, that's right. Ninety-nine cents! It's a 3G, not a 4G which is why it was so inexpensive. Now I just have to learn how to use it.
And because we've had our AT&T plan since it was Cingular we were able update, change, and rearrange so we're only paying $5/month more than we normally pay. I can live with that. Of course I didn't opt for the unlimited plan, but like I said, I can live with that.

My husband's phone was actually still a Cingular phone. So now that has been donated to the recycle box and he has my old phone. Next February we will be eligible for an upgrade so he can then buy a phone of his choice. Just for the record he is not interested in a "smart" phone.

You may have noticed that my phone (for photo-op purposes) is resting against our mixer. That is because one of the things we did today besides getting a new phone was we went to World Market. I'm attempting to make a French loaf to go with...
...the fondue we got. We got two different brands so we can see which we like better.

I hope the dough rises. Does yeast go bad?
Well, even if it doesn't we have a back up plan...


Anonymous said...

Yum Fondue, we haven't had that in years, I think because the one we have here got so expensive, I hope your bread came out crusty and chewy! And yes yeast does go bad, I just pitched a 3 pack from 2009! Oopps!
Your phone is lovely, too bad you don't have anyone under 30 around to help you! That is who answers all my questions!

Anonymous said...

Yeast can be surprisingly long lived. I keep mine in a screw top jar in the fridge and have had it for years. All you need to do is proof it before you start if you want to check whether it is still good. I made some no knead bread the other day with my "ancient" yeast and it worked just fine.
I love anything with melted cheese : )