Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Rest Of The New House

This is from the far end of the play room that is over the garage. There is lots of room for a pool table, shuffle board, etc. Of course we don't have those things so the room may be empty for a while. Right now the only thing up there is the treadmill.
There is a full bar with sink and microwave. I already have a little fridge that should fit. I need to clean it first. I also would (eventually) like to set up another little sitting area that has a fold out sofa in case we are overrun with guests. That would be fun!
The deck looking west.
Deck looking north.
Deck looking east.
The garage. The door in the middle leads to the house. The little door next to it leads to a small storage area. Then the double doors lead to an area behind the garage that could be a huge storage area or even a work area.
There are two double doors leading to that area behind the garage.
This is the area I was talking about. Notice the electrical outlets a couple feet above ground level. This is what leads me to believe it was intended as a work area. The room in the back has the water heater, hvac, etc.
Here's a view of the house and shop. If you look between the buildings you can see a tie rack.
This is the ginormous shop. The appraisal papers said it was 2400 square feet. I'll have to find something to fill it with!
This is that area between the houses I mentioned. There is a one foot pit with a stone foundation. I don't know what the original intention of this was but I plan on building a tack room on there.
So that is the house.

We continue to make slow and steady progress on the boxes. Even if some of them are just shifted to other rooms, at least they are closer to where they are supposed to be.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Carol said...

I just love your new home. I know you had a long wait to find it, so I hope it works out well for you.

Anonymous said...

I hope you kept those moving men/helpers numbers,
they will have to come out to help refinish the decks when you need that, you have so much!!
Perfect for the tack room, its already framed!!