Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our furniture that was in storage was delivered the other day. Because of the configuration of the driveway the moving van driver said we would have to do a shuttle. That meant instead of driving the van to the house he would be parked in the grocery store parking lot about five miles down the road. We rented a large U-Haul, then two local guys and the driver unloaded the moving van and reloaded that stuff into the U-Haul, then drove to the house and unloaded the U-Haul into the house. It took two loads of a 26' van.

Here's the first load coming down the driveway.
The two local mover helpers are in the truck behind the U-Haul.
Here's Bill supervising the movers while they get ready to hump the oak roll top desk to the nook up the stairs.
After a couple of false starts they got it figured out and made it up.

Besides the gun safe the desk was probably the toughest thing they had to move.
This is what the kitchen looks like right now.
Boxes of stuff everywhere.
Seriously... I had no idea we had so much crap STUFF.
One of the bedrooms is totally full of boxes. HELP!!
I guess we have our work cut out for us!

And I do realize I'm kind of doing this out of order, but I promise I'll show the pictures I took of the empty house when we first looked at it.


Anonymous said...

The views are beautiful! It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate... the other day I was organizing my kitchen drawers and found five ice cream scoops. Really. And I kept them all! They were different sizes and were used for different purposes. I'm sure all your stuff has unique purposes, too.

Anonymous said...

I agree that kitchen view is just amazing!! How fun that will be to be doing your Thanksgiving dinner and being able to look out over YOUR property!! How fun, I hope you just keep that bedroom door closed every once in awhile!
Love to you both!