Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today was the day for the plumber to come through and fix all the plumbing issues inside the house. He had come out on Monday and made a check list of what needed to be done. Today he took care of all the leaky faucets, pipes, the outside faucet that wasn't working, new seals on everything, etc etc.

Those were issues mentioned in the inspector's report and now we can check that off. The items have all been fixed and our guests don't have to take a shower in our bathroom any more. They can actually use one of the other two bathrooms.

The second guest room that was full of boxes is now almost cleared out. Just a few more things here and I'll be able to set up the day bed.
Tomorrow we have an HVAC guy coming because although the inspector's report said the heater was working we feel like it's not working as it should.

Friday a designer from a construction/remodeling company will be coming to show us what he's come up with. We had visited the office last week and he came out to take a look and get measurements. I'm excited to see his ideas.

Slowly but surely...!


Anonymous said...

OMGoodness you two are busy, busy! How nice to be crossing things off your lists!
Are all of these things out of your pocket, or do the last owners have to 'bring it up to code'??

tina f. said...

Oh you are so funny! The last owner was the bank and they had to do absolutely nothing! During initial negotiations we asked for some minor repairs and they said NO and threatened to put the house back on the market. Basically it's their way or the highway and since we didn't want to risk losing the house to somebod else we went their way.

Anonymous said...

Is this the designer for the kitchen? OOOH, please share pics! I'm collecting ideas for the re-do of my kitchen, hopefully not too far in the future.

Anonymous said...

That kind of thinking is from being a renter for so many years! I know when we moved here, their was a list of improvements before we could sign off, and they paid, BUT a bank did not own it!
Even your writing seems happy!! I sure hope for smooth sailings on out, you have had so many 'clouds' in your lives for so long!!
Happy thoughts!