Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today started out as a laundry and college football day. Often on days like this I don't even bother getting out of my pajamas! We often call those "pajama days".

No worries, though. We did actually get dressed. And while it looked like it might be one of those slothly sofa times when Oregon started walking over Oregon State we thought maybe we'd better do something around the house.

We moved a couple of items out of the garage and into the big shop. And then there were some things that were in the garage that needed to be moved into the house.

And so today we got a few more boxes unpacked and a few more things put away. I also managed to do quite a bit of laundry.

When we started moving about we looked out the window and saw this stately creature resting.
They do blend in quite well, don't they. Take a closer look at his head.
He finally got up and moved down the road.

Could this be next years' venison roast, chops, jerky, etc? Or a pet? I shall call him "Regis"!

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Anonymous said...

is this a voting thing?? I am going to vote for Regis!
He is so beautiful!! I am guessing he has a Mrs. Regis and Regettes too! I say you get a nice trail cam and start naming them all!! Then go to Costco and buy yourselves some nice Rib Eyes, Flank and Tri Tip steaks and call it a day!!