Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

I suppose it's a good thing we didn't do the kitchen update after all.

My husband took his truck in yesterday to get some work done on the front end and now they are saying it will be more than the original $500 estimate. Aarrrrgh. He also decided (rightly) that the truck needs a couple of new tires... to the tune of about $260 apiece. More aarrrrgh!!!!

The fence guy came out and gave us some advice about the electric fence. The bad news: We are in a bad area for electric fences. It has to do with the dryness of the area, the rockiness, the climate, etc. It's not impossible but it's not the news I had hoped for. Meanwhile he took the measurements for the area we wanted cyclone fenced and he will be calling us with that estimate.

Tonight we went out to #1: feed, and #2: chop wood for this evening's fire. Hubby went out first to cut the wood and a minute later came back in to let me know the bull was not in his pen.


We both went out to find him. I opened his gate wide and threw a flake of hay in his pen. We found him to the far south west (not far from his pen) and managed to herd him back. I think it helped that it was the normal dinner time.

I found the spot where he escaped from his pen and fixed it. I did see some blood on the ground and after examining him I found a small scrape on Dakota's shoulder. *HUGE SIGH*

So hopefully now things will calm down a bit and the $ bleed will slow down.

I took some comfort tonight in a picture of our old cat, Kneadermeier (about 13?)...
...and our goof ball dog, Clyde.
One day at a time...


Anonymous said...

Crap and double crap!!
So sorry once again, but hope you are both taking it with 'oh well' attitude, nothing you can do...
hope you both can go to your 'happy place'!
And what makes the dry & rocks bad for an electric fence?? Is it to keep big boy in, or is it to keep bad animals out??

tina f. said...

I think the dry ground doesn't allow the electric fence to "ground" very well. And the fence is for both, but mostly to keep him in.

Anonymous said...

Notice both pets have their front legs crossed? cute!