Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Fence Fun (Not!)

Our solar electric fence has been a total failure so far. It never worked right from the start and we just thought it was a grounding issue. After trying to work on that and it still didn't work right we just about gave up.

Then after one particularly windy day we noticed the charger unit was showing in the red (not green like it's supposed to) indicating some sort of failure. My husband walked the fence line and found a branch laying across the wire. In spite of removal of the branch the unit still didn't work.

So we turned it off, thinking maybe the charge had run out and it just needed to be recharged. Every time I go out to feed I turn it on, hoping to see the needle jump from the red to the green, but no such luck.

Hubby is out of town for a couple of days so today I decided to walk the fence line and see if there was another branch or something on the line.

Here's what I found.
It's obvious that something got snarled up in the fence and did some damage. The yellow clips along the bottom are the neighbor's wire.
I decided to do a little more investigating and the culprit wasn't hard to find.
If you click on the pictures you will clearly see the barbed wire shred on the side in the above picure and the shoulder rip on this picture.
With my keen powers of observation there's no telling how long it's been like this. At least it was just the horse blanket that got a bit shredded and not the horse.

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Anonymous said...

Do we have green now?? Or is the fence still needing repair?