Thursday, January 5, 2012

Costly Day

Today was not as fun or nice as yesterday.

The weather was nice but it was fairly chilly. It just didn't break the 45° mark.

The first thing we did today was bring my car in to the shop because last week when I was on my way to the dentist I was backing out of the garage. I was in the closest stall to the house which has a very sharp turn. Well, I didn't turn soon enough and ended up on the big rocks lining the driveway. I even got the tractor out and tried to pull my car out but it just wasn't budging. In my attempt to dislodge the car I somehow managed to wedge a 20 pound mini boulder between the right front tire and wheel well.

I called the dentist to reschedule and then I called my husband who was doing something in town. When he got home he went into his first career mode (tow truck driver when he was 19). It took some doing but he eventually got all the rocks out from under the car and got the mini boulder out after taking the whole wheel off! (I thought at the time about taking a picture of when he was working on getting the car unstuck but I didn't think he'd appreciate it!)

It turns out the ABS line got pinched and now was not working. A bunch of lights on the dashboard lit up and we took it to Les Schwab to see what they could do. They ordered a part and it came in so today we brought my car to get repaired. $396 later the car is fixed and all is in order.

This afternoon was the rescheduled dentist appointment. It was just a recheck from the previous appointment about three weeks ago when I had gone in to check on a sore tooth. I needed a filling from last year ground down because my bite was not right and I suspected there was something else going on too. The bite was corrected but it turns out now the tooth is cracked and I will need a crown. That will be $950.

Then this afternoon I saw on my daughter's FB that her car got broken into and her expensive stereo system (with cd/dvd player) was ripped off. At least that's not my cost but it's so irritating just the same. What is wrong with people? I'd like to find that person and rip their head off!

Hope your day was better.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear all your woes! But you do sound like a Mama about your 'kids', that will always tick us off when someone does something to our babies!! But, on the upside, that was three things! So all your bads came within hours of each other, done!! So tomorrow is going to be wonderful, might be cool again but all will go well!!!

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about your day. Sometimes when it rains it pours......even when it's not raining!
Terrible news about your DD's stereo......I'm with you......what is wrong with people?
Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!