Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Loop With Jumps

I have a couple of jumps on my "loop" now. I was going to do a little video of me on Star jumping them but I think my Nikon Coolpix camera has suffered serious damage from being stored for so long. Plus it had gotten knocked around quite a bit before that, so... Besides that I was going to ride today because it's really pretty out, but it is a little too windy. Anybody who rides knows that windy + horseback riding = not a good idea.

We are going to take the tour first going counter-clockwise. This is the jump I showed when I built it in the shop. It is not permanent so I am able to move it to any location if I decide to. This would also make a good stadium jump if I ever get an arena built. I will eventually!
Next is this tiny jump. And by tiny I mean narrow. It's only about 2 feet wide and about to the top of my knees. These are some railroad ties I found in the brush and dragged out. They may have been part of fence posts at one time?? I am thinking I would like to place a wall of rocks from the rock pile on either side of these. That would make it look more like a "real" jump.
Next up is this simple jump. I made it using scraps from Dakota's plywood walls. Obviously it is also very portable. In fact the wind had pushed it over and I had to pick it up for the picture.
And around the bend starting up hill is a couple of sticks I put together. I can actually just step over this one. I think it's about 8". Truly baby novice size.
At the top of the loop the next one is a little bit more substantial than that last one.
At first I had just piled the "logs" up but the other day I went out and actually tied them together so it looks more like a real jump rather than a pile of brush across the path.
Now we turn around and go clockwise.
Around the corner going down hill and you can barely see the sticks near the bottom.
There they are!
Around the bottom corner and heading uphill again.
The narrow r/r ties and the first jump behind it.
The made jumps will eventually be painted, and the others (r/r ties, logs/branches) will be left natural. I'm trying to make my jumps jumpable from both directions so I have a little more variety.


Anonymous said...

and a helmet on your noggin and a cell phone in your pocket and never while you are alone!!!

tina f. said...

Definitely! I never ride without a helmet and I try to remember to bring my phone with me.

Kathy said...

Happy jumping!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun... how long does it take to walk the jump series?

tina f. said...

It takes only 6 minutes to walk. :-(
But of course I do have plans to make it longer! I think the next loop will be towards the top and it will turn it into a figure eight. :-)