Thursday, January 26, 2012

Painting Started

Yesterday afternoon I got the first part of my dental crown. The news was not encouraging. The dentist said he was concerned that the fracture ran from the back of the tooth to the front, rather than from side to side. I got my temporary crown on and he wants to see how it does for the next two weeks before he even orders the new crown. Apparently there is more of a risk for the tooth to totally split and/or the root to get infected which would call for a root canal. I'm going to be very careful for the next few weeks!

So today we went and bought my new fancy ladder. It is absolutely perfect for our tall walls. You can see I got one coat on the first wall. Look how much brighter the room looks already! I'm thinking I will put a second coat on and then do a first coat on the second wall. The next day I will second coat the second wall and first coat the third wall, and so on. Unless I'm feeling unusually energetic. Then I'll do more.

This afternoon our driveway alarm went off and I looked out to see a little van driving up to the house. It was a man from the county assessor's office. Since the house was newly sold he wanted to ask us a few questions. Plus he wanted to measure the play room.

Seems they did not have the accurate measurements/square footage of the house in their county files. How does this happen? The plans have to be approved by the county prior to building, plus an inspector has to come out and check things during the build. I don't get it. According to the county man they have been out to this house a few times in the eleven years that it has been here but somehow they have managed to not have the correct square footage. He said had it not been sold they would be after the last owner for the increased taxes this will no doubt create plus back taxes for the last five years!

I guess the good news for us is that the added assessment will not take affect until January 1, 2013. And since we are new owners we don't have to "worry about back taxes". Regardless, I'm not happy about this latest development. We're pretty much stretched to the limit as it is and knowing there is a good possibility that our house payment will increase by a good amount (albeit one year from now) does not make me happy at all. This definately bears a little research.


Hope your day is better.


Kathy said...

Don't you just love government?
Happy painting and hope your tooth stays put! :-)

Anonymous said...

Reading older entries, now its bed time and all I want are Pot Stickers!!
I am so glad you are looking into the taxes, somewhere I am thinking this needed to be disclosed, or you should't be screwed over!
I have pictures rotating for my screen saver and I pulled that one off your blog, the tree's lightly dusted with snow, it is so pretty!!
Hope all is well up in the Great White North!