Friday, January 20, 2012

New Dog Collars

Our latest big news item: The dogs got fancy new light-up collars!

We figured since we didn't have a fence yet and there's no telling when that might happen we might as well get the dogs these fancy flashy light-up collars. Besides they were on sale!

I had a hard time getting a picture with the collars turned on. With the camera in the regular mode it flashed and you couldn't see the lights. When I turned the flash on the camera off the camera still took in too much light and you couldn't see the collar lights. So this picture was the best I could do where you could still see the flashy lights on their collars. Sorry for the blurriness.
While I was "working" on this post my husband asked if I couldn't take a picture with my I-phone. And while I don't have an unlimited data plan and I have to pay extra for every picture I send I figured it was certainly worth a try and here are the results!

This is the same view as the above picture only with my i-phone. You can see the collar lights in the darkness. (Gus is on the left, Clyde is on the right.)
A "close up" of Gus's collar.
And with the lights on you can kind of still see the lights on their collars!

If you are interested in a collar for your dog I got it from Maybe you can even see the collar a little better. The collar has three modes: flashes on and off; steady on; or off. When I let the dogs out tonight I could really see where they were in the darkness. It's kind of cool!


Anonymous said...

I had never even heard of these, how nice for taking the pups out in the dark! We have the joggers go by with reflection tape only!
Do we have snow yet???

tina f. said...

No snow here yet, but lots of wind and a little rain, not nearly as much rain as on the other side of the Cascades!!! I believe there is a lot of snow in the Sun River area though.