Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cat & A Cheesecake

Just to let you know, the cat and the cheesecake don't have anything to do with each other.

I took this picture of Ollie totally relaxed in front of the fire last night.
She was flat on her back and when I took this picture she glared at me like she wanted me to go away and let her bask in the warmth from the fire.
Yesterday I also made this mini cheesecake that we ate tonight.
It turned out better than I expected because I took a recipe and kind of divided it by four to have a small portion. We had one package of cream cheese, just a bit of sour cream, and some oranges and blueberries that had been in the fridge for a while. I wanted to do something with them before they went bad and I'm happy to say it was a success.
I will attempt to recreate this recipe (it made two mini cheesecakes) at a later time which I will record and if it turns out good again I will post it.


Anonymous said...

You have mini cheesecake tins?? How professional they looked, and totally yummy! How are you liking your kitchen? Always a bit of a challenge to get use to new stuff!

tina f. said...

I only have one and the other portion I put into a small ramekin. I believe I got the mini springform pan at Michaels. I think I'll get some more. They would be fun for making for guests. They would get their own "personal" cheesecake for dessert! We split that one last night and we can split the other tonight! :-)
Not loving the kitchen. I hate the glass top burners and the microwave is old (and I think dangerous--it stays on for a second if you open the door before the time is up). The sink has two compartments with the disposal in the tiny sink (like the Sun River house) and the disposal turns on/off with an "air button" on the sink that sometimes gets stuck. I don't like the tile countertops because they are more work to clean after I bake. I will be reinvestigating the remodeling after we do our taxes. :-(

Anonymous said...

I got a cheap micro, only 700 watts, since I thought I was going to re do my kitchen, too, and would be getting a nice one when that happened. Well, don't get a cheepie. It is faster to boil water on the stove than nuke it. I can still warm stuff up, but it takes twice as long.