Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We always open our Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. Last night we went to Carli and Marcus's apartment so we could watch the baby open her stuff. Notice all the gifts under the tree in the picture above. I would say 95% of them were for her!

While shopping at the book store earlier I saw this little t-shirt and I couldn't resist getting it for the baby. (It says "snack nap read".)

She does love her books! (And her new beanie cap.)
Besides the huge pile of clothes she got (thanks to Mervyn's going out of business sales) she got a few new toys including the baby xylophone and piano. Those will stay at the apartment!
She got two new dollies and a doll stroller. She pushed her new babies around for the rest of the night.
Since today, Christmas Day, it's just going to be me, my husband, and our son, originally we weren't going to do anything special for dinner. In fact I joked that I would have cereal for supper! But I did end up getting a very small (10 pound) turkey that I'm going to get started in just a minute.

I hope everybody's Christmas is grand!


Anonymous said...

How very sweet! I wish we'd been there to watch her open her gifts. Merry Christmas, little girl!

And...what???? Mervyns is going out of business? How sad.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas that little girl had, and too cute in that beanie!!
Hoping your turkey was wonderful!

pam said...

Guess How Much I Love You is one of the best books ever. I can still recite it off by heart from reading it over and over to The Boy each night.
Glad she had a good Christmas. This is a fun age. She is precious!