Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Present From God

I just happened to walk into the garage and I saw this little guy frantically trying to fly through the window. Somehow he had flown in through the open garage door. When I came out I may have startled him and he got confused and tried to leave through the glass window.

This picture isn't very clear because I was trying to hurry so I could get him back outside. But you can see some of his color.
Here's from a slightly different angle. Notice how the color changes from gold to red.
Look how fast he took off. Here you see him...
...and here you don't!


Carol said...

Nice pictures--hhmmm--the one where the hummingbird's face is peeking out of your hand made me think of that National Wildlife Federation photo contest. Maybe you have an entry photo here.

Anonymous said...

A true gift to actually hold in your hand, what a Merry Christmas his little family had!!

Roberta said...

A year or two ago, I found a hummer trappedin a spiderweb in the garage. As I freed it, I thought how amazing it is to hold that tiny vibrant life in your hand . . . you know too.