Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10 Years Old Today

Chester, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, is ten years old today! We got him from some people in Taft, a small town about 30 miles southwest of us. He could have been registered with the AKC if we wanted, but I knew I wouldn't be showing or breeding him. He really wasn't show quality anyway and I knew we'd be neutering him so there was no point in spending the extra money for a useless piece of paper.

Both of Chester's parents were at the house when we picked him out. The book "Marley and Me" by John Grogan wasn't out yet, but if I had read it before going to Taft I probably wouldn't have bought him. While Chester's mother was quiet and docile, his dad was rather huge and rambunctious.

Lucky for us Chester took after his mom!

He's doing as well as could be expected for a ten year old large breed dog. He's a little stiffer than he used to be but otherwise he's in pretty good shape.
Happy Birthday, Old Man!!


Anonymous said...

Roxy is getting up there in age, too. She walks like an old person. Then, she slipped going down the stairs or something and couldn't walk on her right front leg. Took her in, got an x-ray and everything was OK, just a pulled something or other. He gave her some anti-inflammatory meds and she's bouncing around like a puppy! No hip pain at all. If only the anti-inflammatory stuff for US would work as well. Sigh...Happy Birthday Poochie!

Carol said...

What a handsome guy!

Anonymous said...

Loved the couch pictures! What a cute pup he was and how very relaxed he looked on the couch today!
I AM doing those cinnamon rolls too!!