Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've always been a little jealous of those people who have the therapy dogs that can do cool tricks and/or wear rabbit ears or funny hats or whatever. My dogs usually will wear it for about two seconds and then shake their head and the item goes flying. Gus's trick repertoire includes "sit", "shake", "down", and "crawl" where he will creep on his belly to where you point your finger.

I decided to give the headgear another try when I was at the drug store and I saw some antlers on sale for about $1.00. I figured that wouldn't break the bank if it didn't work.

Yesterday evening was my day for visiting the nursing home but first I had to make a stop at the hospice office because it was time for my annual TB check. This would be the perfect time to test how Gus did with his new antlers. Plus I thought if he got the attention I thought he would get it would help convince him that the silly head gear was a Good Thing.

As he got out of the car I put the leash on him and then the antlers. Before we even got to the building we got several big smiles from some people. Once inside while I got my TB test shot one of the ladies took Gus around to show the employees. He came back with his tail wagging and a big smile on his face. His antlers were still on his head.

At the nursing home it was much the same. Everyone loved the "reindog" and Gus's tail never stopped wagging. The bed bound Hoffman patient we visit was asleep, but her room mate was awake. She can't speak and her arms are permanently curled up around her chin. She usually smiles when she sees Gus and I'll put his front legs on her bed so she can see his face better and they can say hello to each other in their way. When she saw his antlers she had the biggest grin I'd ever seen on her and I dare say she almost laughed out loud.

Usually when I pose Gus for a photo he gets a serious look on his face, but you can see in the shot above he was smiling. I think he figured out the antlers were indeed a "Good Thing".


Anonymous said...

That boy is so smart he knows that happy hearts he is helping to make!!
Give him a big squeeze from me! (You too!!!)

Anonymous said...

Not only are the antlers a "Good Thing", but Gus is a Good Boy!

Way to go, Gus! Way to go TF!

Carol said...

Another handsome guy-who knows how to have a good time!