Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Dragonfly

Here are the pictures I was trying to upload the other day and for some reason it just wasn't working.

We were bbbq'ing and there was a very large dragonfly buzzing about.
I was trying to get a good closeup picture of him but right as I was focusing in on him he'd take off.
And now I think he's just showing off. (He's hanging on upside down here.)
And just so you could get a better idea of just how big he really was, this is my husband's hand holding him.
Beautiful colors, huh!

I'm hoping to have some good news tomorrow. It has to do with the house, so check back later!


~M~ said...

Such a beautiful dragonfly! I love that color blue on his tail! Great pictures!


Anonymous said...

It IS pretty and huge!

Hope to hear some good news on the house.