Monday, October 18, 2010

I Heart Craigslist!

I think I've mentioned this before, but I really like Craigslist. Not only is it easy to post items for sale but unlike the newspaper there is no charge to do so!

We decided to sell two items that we didn't really want to bring with us to Oregon.

The first was this home gym. (These are the actual photos I posted online.)
We paid Sears some $400 for it several years ago. I was asking $150 OBO.
We really didn't think we'd get any offers on it but some guys came by this afternoon and gave me full price for it! One down!

The other item we put up for sale was this little Yamaha 125cc dirt bike. We originally bought it for our son in 2005. About three months after we bought it he had a growth spurt and grew to about 6'2". Okay that's just a little bit of an exaggeration, but not by far. (He did grow to 6'2" but it took just a little longer.)
It's been sitting in the garage for the last three years and wouldn't start so I was asking $500 with the note that it "needs work".
Not so surprising was the fact that we got more calls on this one. It also went tonight, fortunately to some people that had neighbors who were mechanics and into dirt bikes. Now that's convenient! I'm sure they'll probably end up having gotten quite the bargain on this one. (Kelley Blue Book values it at $1200. Running, of course.) Two down!

The buyers had left to get the money when I got a call from another interested party. I told him that it had sold and the people were just running to the bank. He wanted to take a look anyway in case they didn't show up. I said fine.

After he looked at it he reiterated that if the other people failed to show then give him a call and he would buy it. He was just getting in his truck when the buyers pulled up.

The girl and her husband came up and I asked if she noticed the other truck. She said she had. I told her about him wanting the bike but that it was sold and I was just waiting for the money. She said, "Oh, that must be why he was giving me the evil eye!"

I just posted these on Craigslist yesterday and this evening they are both GONE! They do make it easy. The only thing is you have to watch out for the scammers, of which I have had some. But those aren't usually too hard to spot if you just use some common sense!

Tomorrow morning we have our official termite inspection. No word as of yet on any repairs that may be requested as a result of the home inspection last week. They may be waiting on all inspections to be completed, which would make sense.

Is it normal to not be able to sleep because all I can think about is moving?

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Anonymous said...

I've wanted to use Craig's List but have been afraid of the loonies out there. Thanks for sharing your positive story. I thought you were going to say that a bidding war had started on the bike!

It's not unusual for you to not be sleeping well. This is a very exciting time for you! Seems like it all happened so fast, too! There are unknowns, like where you'll be in OR but that, too, will come together nicely.

Love, LC