Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weird Harvest

We have a zucchini plant growing in a pot and it is still producing zucchinis!
I'm getting anywhere from 1 to 3 eggs every day. Today I got a weird egg.
It's a little hard to see in the pictures but the egg is kind of flat on one side.Here it is laying on the flat side.
This is from one end. You can kind of see the weird shape here.
And today we went in to the title company and signed escrow papers. Here's the stack we got.
I've decided not to bring the chickens with us. My friend Vicki's mother in law said she will take them. This way I don't have to worry about making sure there is some sort of an enclosure for them for when we get up to Oregon. When we find our final place I'll start over with the chickens and that should be pretty easy.

I've also decided to sell Ladysmith and this year's heifer calf; taking Dakota, the bull, and Waneata, last year's heifer calf, besides the two horses. We may already have a buyer for them too. (The cows, not the horses.)

The worst thing right now is that we apparently have to wait basically until the last minute to move. That's the way it sounds anyhow. We've asked several people and it seems like the laws are greatly in favor of the buyer. It sounds like we could go to the last day of escrow and they could back out at the last minute if they wanted to.

So I guess we are supposed to wait until the last minute to get everything out of the house and get moved. If we took a chance and did it sooner and they backed out we would be stuck with a rental and this place and then have to start over.

Somehow it just doesn't seem quite fair. You would think there would be a sooner-than-the-last-day-of-escrow-point-of-no-return. These are all just thoughts that are going through my husband's and my heads.

But I do think these buyers are very nice people and I think they will be very accommodating. I know they are eager to move in and they couldn't be more excited. For my part I know I am excited too.

One more off the wall comment. I didn't realize "weird" would be spelled e-before-i, since I thought the general rule was i-before-e-except-after-c. I found that out when I did the spell check.

How weird.


Anonymous said...

That kind of stinks, I thought you would head to OR and look around for a few weeks and then come back pack up and be done! Isn't their something they can sign, a I-will-not-back-out-of-the-deal clause??
Actually I'll bet you can at least get started packing somethings, but with the way you sound I bet you would already have a U-Haul sitting out front!! That is wonderful about your 2 sales on Craigslist!!

Anonymous said...

When we sold our VP home, or so we thought, the buyer did not show up to the closing. No call from the Realtor or anything. At the last minute their finances fell through. In IL people put "good faith" money upon making an offer. There is no escrow but the Realty CO keeps the money until closing. We were supposed to get to keep the money but they were asking for it back. Both parties have to agree what to do with the money and we were just going to let it sit there so they didn't get it back. We had lost all that time between the acceptance and closing that it was off the market. In the end, we split it.

That said...anything can happen but most deals go through just fine!

Stinks that you are kind of in limbo.