Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bracco Wine

I ordered some of this "Bracco" wine through our Bracco Italiano club. Obviously the main reason is because of the name and the picture of the Bracco on the bottle. It's a red wine and I don't usually like reds.
We tried it out last night. It's okaaaaay... Like I said, I'm not a fan of red wine usually, unless it's sweet, and this one isn't.

But this picture of Clyde and the wine is!
So now I know. The remaining five bottles will be used for display and/or given selectively as special gifts. The bottle we opened was given to our friend the dairyman, who claimed he liked it.

In truth it reminded me a little of the wine we get at the Basque restaurants. The first two glasses are a little hard to swallow, but then it gets easier and easier!

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~M~ said...

I just love that picture of Clyde and the wine. What a handsome man!!