Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here's a couple of photos of Grampa taking the baby out for a spin around the pond in the canoe.

She was having a grand old time!


We got a pack of papers from the realtor yesterday. Among them were the termite inspection/report (all clear), a copy of the Home Inspection Report (not bad), and the roof inspection/report (minor repairs needed which we already knew about), and the request for repairs sheet from the buyers. The only thing on there is a request to fix the roof and fix a GFRI plug that wasn't working. Actually the plug is working but the GFRI part isn't, if that makes any sense. I'll probably go to Home Depot tomorrow and replace it, that's how simple that is to fix.

The only thing we determined that was missing from the pack was the list of disclosures. So the realtor will come on Saturday with those so we can get the latest signed and off.

The best bit of news is that the appraisal came in at $230,000 "with no work requirements". As far as that goes once we sign our latest stack of papers and get the work order in for the roof repairs we wait for the underwriter to approve the appraisal which should happen next week. Then we can look for a possible sooner closing date than November 30th!

I've also made contact with a mortgage lender in Oregon. We had a nice conversation the other day and I've mailed her a bunch of info so we can get preapproved for once we get up there. She said it looks like we should be okay to qualify for $400,000. That's kind of what I had figured out but I really don't want to go that high because if we did that it would take up all our cash. I'd rather get something for less so that we don't have to put everything down up front. But it's nice to know in case we find a move in ready house with everything I want! (Which means lots of land, great house, barn, and tractor. Which is not likely.)


And one final thing...



Anonymous said...

I'll bet you two are loving every minute with the little one!! Sounds like you are getting a real plan going, I like the storage idea, how smart is that to take loads up each time! Your house inspection went great! Those are some minor problems!!
I hope this is a retirement for the hubby and he just plans to do hobbies now!!
Can you email me Carli's new address?

Anonymous said...

How exciting to be "on the road", so to speak, to getting on the road to your new home. My regret is that you're moving further away from this Southwestern AZ gal. All your blogs are fascinating. The pics of Grampa and baby are proof that both were having a grand old time! Thanks for sharing.