Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gnats & Spiders & Inspectors

This year has been particularly bad for gnats and spiders. I find myself cleaning them up every day. Last night I had to let the dogs out back through the garage, because the gnats were so plastered on the sliding door. To open it would have allowed a flood of the annoying insects inside the house.

This is the front entry by the door mat.
This is also in the front entry way up at the ceiling. The spiders certainly aren't going hungry!
Check out the window from the outside...
...and the inside.
Here's the patio light which happens to be near the back sliding door where the dogs go in and out. See what I mean?
And every day I've been clearing the washer and dryer in the garage off.
This is from just one night!
I think we need a good freeze this year!


Yesterday we had our home inspection for the buyers. The inspector came first. He was very thorough and checked everything out from top to bottom. The buyers came out to meet him after a few hours and they went over some of the findings. From where we were sitting it sounded like there weren't any serious problems.

We knew there were some cracked roof tiles and we were certainly aware that the cement driveway and patio had some cracks as well. The buyers were given a binder with the exam report full of notes about the findings. It's probably too soon to hear anything back yet but I can't imagine it's going to be any worse than what we already knew.

The inspector told us everything looked pretty good and there weren't any huge serious issues. I think he appreciated the fact that everything was spic-n-span. He said he could tell the house was well cared for. (If he only knew... Just kidding!)

The people that are going to be living here are a young couple with three kids. His stepfather is the actual buyer. I'm happy to say they all are very excited about the house. In fact the stepfather likes it pretty well too; he was threatening to move in with his wife and make the kids move into the house he's in now! He even mentioned he thought it was worth more. (I knew that!)

One of the biggest compliments we got was the couple said they enjoyed talking to us so much (from when they saw the house from the two showings) they wished we could be neighbors (but in the next door house, not this one!).


Well I guess it's time to clean the gnats off the clothes washer and dryer and do a little laundry.


Anonymous said...

No you are not wishing for a 'good freeze', that would be to cold for you in your NEW HOME!!
I would just have a fogger of Raid going 24-7, I hate gnats!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are moving along nicely! Glad the inspection went well. And if the people like you, like it sounds like they do, they are less likely to nit-pik you to death about the small stuff the inspector found.

Yay! Let's hope for a smooth closing! When?