Friday, October 1, 2010

October First

I'm trying to upload a few photos and Blogger is giving me some fits. I'll have to try that later.

First off, a late Happy Birthday to my son. He turned 20 yesterday. And lest you think I'm a really bad mother, I did wish him Happy Birthday yesterday, I just didn't blog yesterday.

So Wednesday I was feeling a little blue because we hadn't gotten any calls to see the house all week. I think I didn't even bother to do the basic pick up. I decided that a ride on my horse would do me good and I was right. I had a great ride.

That evening our realtor called and said she had heard that one couple would be writing an offer after they did some other paperwork. So that made me cautiously happy.

Thursday was my son's birthday, but we didn't really have any plans made for that. He's barely ever home anymore so I kind of figured he'd be with his girlfriend anyway. And my husband and I had made plans two weeks ago to go to Cambria with our friends. Vicki and I planned to leave on Thursday at about 4pm and our husbands were going to go the next afternoon.

Thursday at 2:30 our realtor called and said some people wanted to see the house around 3:30 but she wanted to check with me first since I usually tell her 4pm is better. I let her know that 3:30 was actually better that day. I immediately started cleaning up. Usually I have several hours notice and I like to finish with an hour to spare rather than starting with an hour to go til show time.

At least I had made our bed but now I had to race around making my son's bed and pick up his room (I know, I know...). Then I had to clean the sinks and tub in the bathrooms, empty the trash cans, vacuum and sweep, clean the stove top, wash the dog smudges off the windows, pull my car out of the garage (to show off the built-in cabinets better), open the shop building roll-up door, put the dogs out in the side yard, spray the Febreeze in all the rooms, and finally turn on all the lights (I had read on the internet that your house shows better when it's totally lit up and I think it's true).

At about 3:20 I was almost done when I saw a car pull up out front. By this time I was totally dripping sweat everywhere. My face was literally dripping and my shirt was soaked. I quickly ran back to change into a dry shirt. I checked everything to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything and was satisfied.

The realtor knocked on the door and I showed him around real quick when his clients pulled up. It was a husband, wife, and their couple of kids. After the usual house walk through and look around the back area they came back and the husband asked a few questions. He seemed very enthusiastic and in all it seemed a positive experience. But as always, time will tell...

By this time Vicki and already pulled up and after the people left I ran back through the house turning all the lights off. I let the dogs back into the house and we loaded up my bags into her car and took off.

So here I am in Cambria right now and we are just waiting for our husbands to show up (it's now 4:30 pm). We already went for a walk this morning and just got back from the Farmer's Market. I think we are having calamari for dinner tonight. I got strawberries, orange honey, and honey glazed almonds and I have an idea for dessert.

Life is good!

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~M~ said...

Fingers crossed, fingers crossed! :o) Hope your doing well....