Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We finally got an offer yesterday afternoon. In fact we got two!

Our realtor called us today to come in and go over the offers. She said one was a very good offer and the other was not so good.

Our house is listed at $229,500 and the first offer was for $209,000. The second was for $229,000 and they wanted the fridge and the lawn tractor. Guess which offer we went with?

So I think now we wait for inspections.

Now if all goes according to the plan we should be out of here by the end of November, if not sooner!

I told our realtor I guess now I can stop bugging God. She said not yet! She should know, but I'm feeling pretty confident right now!


~M~ said...

Oh, such good news! Keep us posted! :o)


Anonymous said...

YEE HAW!!!! It is looking good, I am hoping this turns into GREAT news soon!! I hope it is a family you liked too! I know its all about the $$$$$$ but I want a good family in 'my' home!!
I forget how long before you hear the final final??

**Loved the Dragonfly! they are my favorite!! (did you ever see the movie Dragonfly w/ K. Costner? I think its really good**

Robbyn said...

Tina, we'll keep this in prayer...can't wait to hear if that closing date happens!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your good offer!!! Now......have you decided on a property yet??

---Kathy H---

tina f. said...

Thanks, everyone.

Kathy, we haven't decided on any one place yet. There are still a few we haven't seen (though I noticed the prices have dropped on two that I thought were possibles...) Plus my husband still has yet to see anything.

So... what we'll probably end up doing will be to rent for a while until we find something to either move into or just a property and wait til we get something built (like one of your fine Palm Harbor homes!!).