Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bowman Museum

After visiting the Wildland Firefighters Monument in Ochoco Creek Park yesterday we went to the Bowman Museum in "downtown" Prineville.
It's not very big but the displays are well done.
Here's a display honoring the Prineville Hotshots and a small scale version of the statue in the park.
The displays had all kinds of things, from the Prineville Railroad to medical antiques, war stuff, Indian stuff, etc. mostly pertaining to Prineville, and Crook County.

The Breeses mentioned in this photo settled in the area long ago and have a humongous ranch.

It is small, but there is an upstairs too.
This room had everything pertaining to the "jazz age".
One of my favorite displays; the saddles and misc. tack.
I overheard the front lady talking to another guest. She was telling him that Mr. Bowman had donated the building to house a museum. The catch was if the museum ever closed or left to another location then the building ownership would revert back to the Bowman family. Not bad!

The good news is there is still lots of room for expansion. The best thing is the admission is free!

Afterwards we went and had lunch at a little restaurant/pub next door. It was a fun day.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to visit your new town, so far such beautiful pictures, love the area and now fun things to do too! Glad you two are getting some down time too, the chore list will always be there!!
Looks like your getting some good weather right now too!

Anonymous said...

So much to see and do! Thank you for posting. Your photos are so crisp and clear. What camera are you using?

Love, M

tina f. said...

The camera is a Nikon D40X. It does a great job!