Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Days' Excitement

New moon rising tonight. Is that why we had a little excitement today?
Yesterday we were talking about how we are house poor. Hubby declared he was not going back to work, no matter what. He was "done with working". Okay. Right.

Today we went to the chainsaw shop to pick up his chainsaw which had been in (a long time) for repairs. As we were paying the owner looked out and noticed two city police cars pull in to the neighboring business. We finished our business and got into our truck.

Just as we were backing out of the parking space Hubby saw a figure flying through the back storage yard of the chainsaw business, the two officers in pursuit.

So what does he do? He drove the truck into the back storage yard and ran after the officers.

When he came back he explained that he identified himself to the two officers as a retired officer and asked if they needed help. "Sure!" they said. So they got the suspect surrounded (he had jumped the fence and was in the tall weeds by the river at that time.) They ordered the suspect out, got him on the ground and handcuffed him. At that time Hubby left the two officers to their business.

I guess Police Officers don't ever really retire, do they?


Anonymous said...

First let me say - Love the Picture! I just love pictures of the moon, especially those close up ones!!
Second - GO GET EM!!! Yee Haw!! Was the ride home a bit faster than normal? Was the old police blood moving pretty good?? It certainly doesn't surprise me, I hope you were either in a safe location, or had a 'piece' in the truck!!
Happy shopping!!
(House poor but rich in love!!)

Kathy said...

No.....they never do "retire"! At least not our two! LOL
Go get 'em Bill!

Anonymous said...

Excitement abounds for sure! It seems your retiree just couldn't "cop out" ; )

The lunar phase is not a "new moon" that's rising, but a waxing gibbous moon. (6 March 2012 is two days prior to a 100% full moon). New moon nights appear dark, seeming to have no moon whatsoever, astronomically speaking. (Though the moon is always out there.) You remind us that there are lunatics out and about, and your hubby helped catch one Yay! Love, M

tina f. said...

Yes, of course I meant a full moon, not a "new" moon. Thanks for the correction!