Friday, March 23, 2012

Chimney Rock

I should have got my nails done today. I'm way overdue. I should have started cleaning house. That, also, is kind of overdue. I also need to get a club chair (or something similar) for the living room.

But Hubby didn't feel the same urgency as I and he wanted to go for a "walk" at Chimney Rock, just a few miles from our home. It's just a 2.6 mile round trip trail, he said. It'll be fun, he said.

So off we went.

On the way we passed a bunch of does eating the tender young greens just popping up in some large ranch's hay field.
This is where we were headed. Chimney Rock. Doesn't look too bad from here.
The trail head.

When we first pulled into the parking lot little bits of snow started falling. They were like miniature hail balls. Hubby said one of the meteorologists called it "gravel snow". We waited a moment and decided to go on. It wasn't too bad and we could always turn back.
The info sheet at the trail head claimed the hike was "moderate difficulty". I guess it was moderate if you were a 25 year old health fanatic who worked out in the gym for 3 hours a day!
I think we had gone about 50 yards and I was already wheezing, gasping, and sucking air like a pathetic overweight, out of shape, 52 year old laze-about. Oh wait. I am that.
Along the way the gravel snow came and went, then came and went again a few more times. To his credit Hubby asked a few times if I wanted to turn back. But I am also stubborn and I figured since we were there we would forge on, just at a very slow and easy pace.

The views were fantastic and well worth it.
Almost there!
Made it!
Photo op.
He said he couldn't see me so he moved closer.
And then I balanced the camera on a rock and scrambled down to get a timered photo of the two of us.
We found a semi sheltered spot at the base of Chimney Rock and had a great lunch of egg salad sandwiches, pickles, olives, pickled mushrooms, and a hard apple cider. Yum!!!
As we were enjoying the scenery a small snow cloud drifted by. It snowed again for about five minutes and then it was sunny again.
I was glad that the trip back was mostly down.
We passed a few groups going up while we were on our way down. I wondered if they knew what they were in for.

It took us about 45 minutes to get up to the top. That was at my snail's pace. I was surprised to note that we lingered at the top for another 45 minutes. As expected the return trip took much shorter. It only took about 15 minutes to come down!
So while I wouldn't exactly call it a "walk" or "fun" or "moderate", it was worth the effort.

Is it bad that my lungs are still burning?

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I want to go there when we visit you!! BUT I will need a quad if we do go, I am guessing I will be at that same fun spot in about 10 minutes if I gas it the whole way up!! Good for you, for taking some time off!! Besides what are you going to do when all of your lists are done!!