Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saddle Rack

Building the bluebird house yesterday gave me the building bug.

Right now I've got one saddle rack and four saddles. A saddle rack is my next project!

Here's my work in progress.
The two ends. Looks like tombstone markers. I don't have a band saw or a stand sander. I do have a belt sander so maybe I'll be able to get the tops fairly even and smooth.
These are the pieces I cut to go over the rounded part.
You can sort of see what the end result is supposed to look like.
There are a couple of different plans available for free on-line and I just liked the look of this model. This wasn't the easiest plan, especially without some of the recommended tools. I just like to challenge myself!

I took a chance and bought enough wood to make three racks. Hopefully this first one will turn out, otherwise I'll just have to make some sort of jump out of the other wood. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

You are so industrious, capable, and smart!

Love You,