Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting The Red Out

Today we separated and did our own chores. Hubby went out and limbed up a few of the trees near the driveway.
He's been after me to paint the red walls so I decided I'd start with the hall way. As with any painting job preparation is important.
Edges are done and the first coat of primer is 1/2 way done.
I did three coats of primer on the edges and around the switches and outlets. By the time I finished the second coat of rolled primer I was done in! I figured although it could have used third coat, two coats of primer would have to do.
I'm not sure how long it's going to stay like this now. I decided once I figure out what color I want to paint this hall I will just tape everything off and paint the walls and ceiling the same light color, whether it's a light yellow, palest of green, or some sort of off-white. Actually I meant I will dig out the paint sprayer and spray the walls and ceiling.

I used to enjoy painting. Today as I was painting I was thinking about what happened. I was not really enjoying myself. I think what has happened is I have gotten older, and as I have gotten older I am more out of shape. My knees hurt from kneeling to paint the bottom section. My shoulders are sore from reaching up.

And now, a bizarre confession. I was irritated because when I was half way finished Hubby came in and started watching tv. He was finished with his chores. I felt like his work was easier than mine and he should have started helping me.

On the other hand, now I can say I did it myself. Crazy, huh!

In any case, I've taken my long soak in my giant tub and I'm half way through a bottle of wine. This is the kind of ache I like. I told you I was crazy.

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Kathy said...

Yea for you! We've been here almost 2 years and we haven't painted anything. UGH! I hate painting!
Good luck!

PS.....TOTALLY understand about the hubby thing! :-)