Friday, March 2, 2012

Wildland Firefighters Monument

Today we visited the Wildland Firefighters Monument in Ochoco Creek Park (in Prineville). It is a memorial to the 14 wildland firefighters who died while fighting the South Canyon fire on Storm King Mountain in Colorado in 1994.
There are also honorariums to the armed forces and the different wars they fought in. (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

Off the main entrance and bordering the Ochoco Creek is this pathway.
It is lined with boulders with plaques that have information on the firefighter crews and plaques with each individual who perished in the fire.
At the end of the path is this bronze sculpture by David Nelson.
The majority of the crew that died was from the Prineville Hotshots. This memorial was built using all private funds.

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Anonymous said...

That made me cry, what a wonderful, wonderful town you live in, how they remember and are so proud of their heros, I only wish all our cities were like yours!
Beautiful! Thanks!!