Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird

We had visitors today. Mr. and Mrs. Mountain Bluebird came fluttering about on the deck. Perhaps they were looking for a place to build a little nest?

Mrs. Mountain Bluebird
Mr. Mountain Bluebird
I sure hope this was a sign that Spring is right around the corner. I'm so ready for it!


Cheryl said...

Set aside a place for little snippets of your left over yarns. They would probably love the nesting materials.

Kathy said...

Please let spring be around the corner! We had 2 hawks flying around in our trees yesterday.....a male and a female.....was so cool. Would be great if they nested in our trees!

Anonymous said...

He is just beautiful, but I love that she looks like she is putting her foot down!!
Sure looks like Spring here :0)

Anonymous said...

Again, absolutely lovely photos! (They look rather content - not blue at all.) ; )

Love, M